Pro Color Monitor

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Pro Color Monitor will help you get your Color Balance right every time.

Revolutionary Technology that identifies Color Casts in Videos and Photos

  • False Color Cast Color Mode shows You in which Direction to move your Sliders
  • Black and White Color-Shaded Clippings
  • Built for High Performance utilizing Apple's Metal to give You Blazing Fast Results
  • Works with any Application Capable of Editing an Image - Video or Photo
  • Captures Source Images on Apps in Full Screen or on Secondary Displays

White Balancing / Color Balancing - A Lost Art

A term most people hate or don't even pay attention to.

  • However, getting the Color Balance right is the single most important step in Color grading. It will make your image appear 3-dimensional, sharper and increase Color Contrast. With this tool you can get your Color Balance right every time no matter the Color Space, Ambient Lighting, Eye-Fatigue or Display Color Profile.


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